Ways to Re-Indigenize by Shifting your relationship with Time

Decolonizing Time Mini-Course

To begin decolonizing work with Ixchel...

first learn how to decolonize Time in this cultural introduction.

Please note: This mini-course is a cultural safety prerequisite for this work.

It is a decolonizing practice to pay Indigenous Peoples for our Time & knowledge.

The Edgewalkers Dilemma:

How do we make miracles and get epic shit done without reproducing systems of brutal productivity on ourselves or our people?

In this pre-recorded workshop, you’ll discover:

Lessons from the Ancestors on

How to reclaim our stolen future with our planet in transition.

We’ll cover:

• Decolonizing Time

° Colonial Time and Mayan Indigenous Time

° Dreamspell Calendar isn't a thing

° How Time is systematically used against us

• Liberating Your Flow

° Flow Cycle + Activators

Dreaming in the Wild

° How to thrive with a transitioning planet

° Rest as Resistance

° Boundless Vision for a BADASS life

20% of all proceeds go to

Int'l Mayan League

to the Indigenous Solidarity Fund.

Deepen Your Decolonizing Today

What's Included:

• 75-minute pre-recorded video teaching on Decolonizing Time and Boundless Vision Invitation

• Edgewalkers Handbook

(18pg lite version, packed with resources)

• Decolonizing Time Collective in Mighty Network

Plus: A Live Q&A Session on 10/4/21, 11AM CST

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Land Lineage

I was raised and bore children on the traditional, unceded and stolen lands of the Coast and Central Valley Miwok (colonized as Petaluma, CA) and Nisenan (colonized as Sacramento and Fair Oaks, CA), past, present, and future. I also write, work, and live in the highland jungle, the traditional, unceded and stolen lands of the Matagalpa, past present, and future, in what is known as Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

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