Ways to Re-Indigenize by Shifting your relationship with Time

Decolonizing Time + Rest Revolt

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll discover:

Lessons from the Ancestors on

How to reclaim our stolen future with our planet in transition.

December 27th, 10am-1pm CST

We’ll cover:

• Decolonizing Time

° Colonial Time and Mayan Indigenous Time

° How Time is systematically used against us

• Liberating Your Flow

° Flow Cycle + Activators

Dreaming in the Wild

° How to thrive with a transitioning planet

° Rest as Resistance

• Rest Revolt for dismantling systems of brutal productivity

Rest Revolt Handbook

(73 pages)

5-Day Rest Revolt December 27-21

Dismantle systems of brutal productivity with a #RestRevolt to hone your senses in preparation for 2022.

We'll connect in the Mighty Network Time Collective to introduce ourselves and share our intentions.

Ground the (un)learning of systems of brutal productivity through relating with Time. Getting relational deprograms the "dominance over" mindset, creating space for our senses, so we actually sense what our needs are. Rest is radical resistance.

Walk Away With:

  • A Shift in Relationship to Time

  • A Digital Detox to Clear Brain Fog

  • Expanding Your Capacity to Vision

Deepen Your Decolonizing Today

Workshop + rest Revolt $222

(50% off, Black Week)

What's Included:

• 3 hour teaching on Decolonizing Time +

Rest Revolt on 12/27 10am CST

• Edgewalkers Handbook

(18pg lite version, packed with resources)

• Rest Revolt Handbook (73+pages)

• 5-Day Rest Revolt Group in Mighty Network

December 27-31

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10% of all proceeds go to

Int'l Mayan League

to the Indigenous Solidarity Fund.


✨ Decolonial Time Witch ✨

• I was the first Latine Vice-Mayor of my city, I learned to become comfortable being a first and only in the room, taking the opportunity to hold the door for more BIPOC leaders to enter.

• With decades of tech experience as a web deva and political activist and organizer, I co-founded the Tech and Telecomm Committee for my city.

• Between 2009-2013 I was appointed to serve on two San Francisco Bay Area government boards where I enacted progressive social and environmental policy for approximately 11 million people, including shifting stigma to sway my colleagues on the Board of Directors to fund the suicide net for the Golden Gate Bridge.

• In 2011-12, I even ran for congress.

I come to our work together from the intersection of on-the-ground organizing and political work; from deep training in ancestral spiritual practices and plant medicine; and from 35+ years of consciousness exploration. For nearly 3 decades I’ve committed myself to social justice work, organizing for communities of culture and serving in local politics.

...and I know what’s possible when we give ourselves Time and Space for Rest

Here’s what all of this means for you:

I have developed a keen sense of centering justice, emergence, decolonizing, interconnectedness. I view the world, our bodies and our Work as emergent as we create new, just ways of thriving. I can help you dance with the cycles and flow in your life, helping you deepen your leadership capacities from this space of integration and interconnectedness.

"I want to get into flow more easily and use my time differently. I want to finish my book! That’s why I asked Ixchel to coach me. Her work with me has literally been time magic. So much of what she asks me to put in place in my life, I would NEVER have thought to do on my own — and it’s genuinely working. I’m reconnected to my book and I AM WRITING without burning myself out."

Kelly Diels,

Feminist Marketing Consultant